Old Jack’s Boat


april 20131

We don’t live far from Staithes. Staithes being the place that Old Jack and Salty start adventures. Staithes being the picturesque fishing village where CBeebies film “Old Jack’s Boat”.

Oscar has been asking to go for weeks. We finally took the kids there on Sunday.

It’s the type of place that a certain family might go to and say “there’s nothing to do there”

Because a sandy beach, fishing harbour, and cobbled streets full of history constitutes as “nothing”

But granted, if you are looking for something other than a nice environment and stimulating conversation to entertain your children, then “there isn’t anything to do” in Staithes. There isn’t a huge outdoor play area , there isn’t any soft play, there isn’t any arcades, or any rides and there isn’t  even a crazy golf!

april 2013

It was a bit windy!

Regardless we had a great afternoon, and didn’t spend a penny!

april 20132