The Wedding Part Two: A big white car, some boys in braces and the vows.

So I transformed.

From this…


To this…

wedding morn

To this…


Good eh?

And then we left.


The original plan was to just go in convoy, my Dad  would drive me,  him and my Mum over there. But very last minute my siter and borther kindly organised a car to take the three of use over.

Also, Mother Nature decided to play fair, and after many UK holidays in the rain, she decided  that on our wedding day it was baking hot.

The car was one of those old stately Beema types. No air con. So we had the windows down. i sat clutching my bouquet as was scared I was going to crease it.  My Mums pink hair was blowing in front of me in the passenger street. My dad talked “shop” with the driver.


wedding flowers

Being in the wedding car was nice. Is was a forty minute drive to the registry office. Forty minutes through rural villages and bouncy coastline lanes. But nice. The heads turned as we stopped at traffic lights. Two topless and barefoot boys on scooters shouted “Lets race the wedding” as we passed through their Loftus. And in Easington the annual Scarecrow display was in full bloom, which did nothing short of freaking us all out! But still travelling with my mum and dad, excited nervous, giddy and feeling really special,  was really nice.

We arrived before some of our guests. Which isn’t unusual for my family. Punctuality isn’t one of our priorities. But we all got there in the end. The kids hurtled out of various cars, gave me a “What you wearing look”  then creased me with cuddles.



20 month old Leo had apparently laughed when he saw the braces, so they were already dangling round his knees. Oscar and Jonty allowed someone to pin a button-holes onto them, but they didn’t last as long as the service.

Eventually, after a mini interview with the registra, I got to walk down the aisle.

Outside the double doors I heard the intro to  “She is Love” by Oasis. This was my queue. The doors opened and my Dad looked at me and  “Shall we?” he said. My arm had formed a link, but instead he grabbed my hand. My heart burst open. My dad. Walking me down the aisle.


And there he was, amongst a blur of cameras I  Him at the end of the aisle,  waiting patiently for me, as he always is.

When I was halfway down the aisle her turned  around. Our eyes met. He mouthed “Wow”. I blushed. The music stopped. They all sat down and the service began,


And it really was lovely,

Not quiet.

There were 6 children running about in there. My eldest  was playing the video he had just filmed of me walking in. The toddlers were toddling whilst being force fed breadsticks, my  middlest was bored to tears and my mum was weeping.

Few would say perfect. But it was  for us.


My Mum and my Father in law did beautiful readings, I fluffed my lines, he bodged the signing of the registrar. and the job was done. We were announced to our guests. I was Mrs Lloyd


We walked out to “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure. And all that was left to do was go eat tapas and get a little bit drunk!

Which of course I didn’t*

*I SO did!




Hair by HairByAlex

Make up by Tallie Crawford

Flowers by Eveline Brentano


5 thoughts on “The Wedding Part Two: A big white car, some boys in braces and the vows.

  1. You look so lovely!

  2. Aw, I’m welling up. You looked gorgeous.

  3. Oh Iove weddings! You look beautiful and happy.

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