Wedding invitations!

So apparently, not every one sends an invite these days! Some people send a box!

Yes you heard right – a box!

Personally, I get a little disappointed if a box is delivered to my house and there isn’t a pair of shoes inside. But hey ho, that’s just me.

But it appears there is a lot of money to be spent on invitations and I suppose for the “bride-to-be”, this is the first clue to their guests on what their wedding day will be like.

So there’s money to be spent and pressure to be felt.

But not everyone wants to get carried away and blow the budget on hiring four white horses and a footman to deliver each invitation personally. Some people just want something that represents them, introduces the day and can be kept as a keepsake for anyone who does that sort of thing (I do that sort of thing).

Initially we were going to just ring round all our guests (all 25 of them) and ask them if they wanted to come and then it would be job done.

Cheap, easy and we wouldn’t have to unearth the address book from the Christmas decoration box in the loft.

But then I stumbled across Russet & Gray’s website and I felt that pesky little wedding bug nibble at my ankle.

I’ll be honest, I’m a sucker for greeting cards, pretty, quirky, vintage – yep any of those and I’m sold.

So Russet & Gray pretty much had me at ‘Welcome…”

Their designs are simple, the details beautifully unique and the collection quite stunning. I immediately got in touch with them and asked if they would be willing to do a small number in exchange for a blog post. And guess what? Being cheeky finally paid off – it worked.

All we had to do was a pick a design…

Surprisingly, my fiancé really liked  them (we rarely agree on such things). Which bodes well for couples finding an invitation that suits both tastes. However, he wasn’t as keen on my favourite design which I was already a little bit in love with.

The question was did I compromise or get my own way?

Well, it was me writing the blog.

Here it is…


Gorgeous huh? I picked it because it suits are wedding, a rustic laid-back affair with a few, little vintage details. And the quality and standard when they arrived was first class. Beautiful to touch, colours and design better than can be captured in a picture. And the service from Russet & Gray was speedy, personal and professional to boot. Job done!

And I’ve just discovered they have expanded their range to greeting cardstoo, and guess what? They’re pretty, quirky and…

*gets out credit card*


I would wholeheartedly recommend this company to all future brides and grooms. Yes, they did not charge me for my invitations, but I would have paid full price for them. So if you know anyone who is engaged please pass on this link.