Cutting back: Aldi

It’s strange to think that 5 years ago, with two incomes in our household and government not in a financial crisis, that we used to buy brands! Brands god dammit! And not even just when they were on offer – ALL THE TIME! In fact we believed that anything other than brands would just not do! We were all Heinz this and Ariel that! We couldn’t abide a tea bag that wasn’t a Tetley or bare to wipe our precious bottoms with any other than Andrex!

But then we had kids and then someone in charge of “spending” royally cocked up and we had to start cutting back.

So we ditched the brands, we only bought stuff on offer, we were “there’s a bogof over here” and “look at the roll backs over there”.

But then as the Tories squeezed the middle some more we felt the damning weight of the credit crunch. What else could we do?

The couple that had once only bought the best, went somewhere they thought they would never go… They went to Aldi!

And do you know what?

They saved a heap of money!

No it doesn’t have wide plush aisles or a choice of fancy delis or bakeries. But what it does have, at a very reasonable cost, will do for us.

There are two things you quickly learn about Aldi:

1) One week they are selling ski goggles for 2.99 and the next they have been replaced by a 40 year old Port for £40! You never know what you are going to find in those aisles!

2) It’s a kind of a trial and error place. Some stuff is great – some not so good!


  • Bagged salad – lasts about 20 minutes after purchase and then its brown
  • Any jars of sauces, curries, stir fry etc – the salt content is high and it’s all you can taste
  • Hygiene products – there are somethings we just refuse to scrimp on.
  • The Slim line Tonic Water – it was flat.
  • Baby wipes/nappies – just not pampers (even though they look EXACTLY the same)
  • Fresh chillies – 2 strngths and no warning – bland or rocket fuel!


  • The French “Tronchon” ham
  • Chorizo
  • Any of the cereals

£1.15 per box! And it is seriously good!

  • Any of the continental meats
  • Fishcakes
  • Specially selected fruit and veg range

All for less than a pound each! 3 quid a go in Sainsbos!

  • Any of their chocolate/biscuits!
  • Balsamic glaze – when it is in store
  • Red wine that is over £5 per bottle
  • Facial wipes – bargain!
  • Pink Lady Apples (where else can you get 6 Pink Ladies for less than £2)



  • Check all meat by its sell by date
  • Rummage – the best is usually packed a the back of the shelf
  • Try it and see – it won’t break the bank and 9/10 times it surprises you!

And we reckon we save between 20-30 quid of the weekly shop!*

*My OH would like me to note that is when I don’t tag along too – if I go with him the shop is guaranteed to be around 20 – 30 quid more – even in Aldi! What can I say? It’s a gift!

I have entered this post to win £400 pounds of Amazon Vouchers through a new blog site From Spending to Saving. The competition is sponsored by WhichOffshore who offer pensions that give you can have  complete control over!

One thought on “Cutting back: Aldi

  1. Fantastic!
    My next shop will be at Aldi. Thanks

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