M – Matching underwear

Before we had children my partner lay in bed, watching TV, whilst I got dressed. I felt his eyes upon me, as I fumbled in my drawers for something clean to thrown on. “Miss P…” he said pausing before the question.

I turned, to face him “Remember when you would always wear matching underwear and always had clean shaven legs?”

“Yes darling, it was an act.” I reply flatly, looking down at my black lacy bra and pink and grey striped cotton knickers, and noticing, for the first time, 2 days stubble sprouting on my legs.

He turned to the TV>”Thought so.”


That was before children, after children this…


“Darjeeling can you just take the pile of washing upstairs?” he shouts from the kitchen. I don’t reply, but go to do as I’m told. I stop in front of the washing, startled by what I see – on top there is a black satin bra with huge red flowers and matching knickers edged in lace. Oh they’re mine, I just haven’t seen them together since I opened them on Christmas day, 18 months ago.

“Hey come look at this” I shout.

He appears at the doorway. I point to the discovery.

“I know I was a bit freaked out when I saw them on the washing line. I thought you might be having an affair.”

“I think it’s just because we reached the bottom of the washing basket – coincidence they were in the same wash.”

“Yeah. That was my second thought.” he smiles.

No not having affair, just been doing lots of laundry – how dull?


D – Dads

I am very lucky. My partner is a “hands on” dad! A good’un. A grafter. A star.

I know women have the hardest of hard jobs; carrying the baby, giving birth, making the big decisions and then all of the “new baby” politics that take place afterwards. It helps if we can think that the Dads have got it easy, but if you stand back and think about what it’s like on the outside, it must be quite hard.

The dad will never feel a comforting kick from inside his tummy, never understand the ecstacy a mother feels at the end of childbirth, never comfort a baby with his own milk and he rarely gets to spend the first night with his new family. Sent off home. Alone.

A new dad will get two weeks off (if he’s lucky) with his new child and then he has to be the first to leave, the first to say goodbye, the first to return to work and step out of the bubble and back into reality.

But in this modern day society we expect them to do everything that we do. We expect everything to be equal ,to be shared. And if you’ve got a good one – it is!

The father of my sons goes to work everyday so I don’t have to. He comes home later than he ever did and works through his lunch hour, he sorts out all the bills and sometimes even does the weekly shop on his own, to save me a job. And in return fot this? He is still on the outside. He was working when they crawled for the first time. Not there when they took their first steps, tried their first food and babbled their first words. He misses out on taking them to school on their first day. He can’t get time off to watch them in their first nativity play. He won’t be there to cheer them on at their first sport’s day. He’s busy at work so I can do all of these  wonderful things.


For all those Dads who are rolling up their sleeves up, making life easier for us Mums. -Well done and thank you.

Tiring them out!

First, The Park

First, The Park

Boys are like springer spaniels – they are lovely after the’ve been taken on a really long walk and knackered out!

Thank god for spring eh?

Let’s get those boys out and about!

And the best bit? A woodland walk is free… For now, anyway. Cameron may have plans to change that.

boys gardens

Then, the gardens

Then, the beacg

Then, the beach

Then, the woods

Then, the woods

And finally, some sleep!

And finally, some sleep!

Crafty plates!

I don’t mind doing crafts. To be honest, sometimes I quite enjoy it! But I have one golden rule… The time the children spend on the task MUST be considerably longer than the time it took to get the craft ready! Otherwise it’s just more work for you right?

And to be honest, with boys, this isn’t always easy to do. Yes, generally girls have longer attention spans at his age and really quite like being crafty. So, with boys choose that craft wisely.

I’m a big fan of paper plate crafts, mainly because you can pick them up cheaply anywhere – and they have proved to be rather versatile. Who knew?

So last week I found one that was tailored for my 3 year old and one that was tailored for my 5 year old.

On Monday we did lions.

I stuck some orange paint, we didn’t use brushes, just our hands, because we’re lazy sensory like that. And we covered our paper plates with the orange paint. And some furniture too.

Then with cut out strips of orange and yellow paper we tuck them round the edge to make a mane. A black triangle for the nose and two googly eyes from my never-ending supply I bought from Boyes years ago.

Hey presto, a lion …. Raaaaaa!


Even though this was aimed at Jonty (3yo) Oscar loved it and led the activity adding his own ideas (a mouth).



Then, on Thursday we made Clocks.

I got extra house wife points for this one as Oscar is learning to tell the time at school this week (complete fluke, had no idea)

A bit of messy hand painting to colour in the faces, some foam squares and foam arrows and a brass fastener – and we got ourselves some clocks!



I actually thought this would be too complicated for 3yo, but as usual, he surprised me. We did the numbers together, where Oscar got a lot out of doing himself and helped with his recognition and he enjoyed sticking them on in the right order and choosing the colours and turning the arrows. IT was great for both.




Both activities kept the attention for around 30 minutes. Assembly time was less than 5! Plus they got some mileage out of them afterwards, pretending to be lions and pretending they could tell the time. That, my crafty friends is what I call a winner!