B – Big babies

I have big babies. I show early, I carry a lot of water and I have a big bump and I produce big babies, Do I need to hang my head in shame? Is it a bad thing that my babies arrive in the world healthy and beautiful? Should I really be trying to ensure they are born malnourished, needing to be incubated and so bloody damn cross because their minuscule stomachs can’t absorb more that a thimbles full of milk?

And by big babies, I’m not talking making headlines on the local news, I’m talking healthy weights. My first was 9lb7 , my second 8lb13 and my third 9lb exactly. But still their tiny forms caused others to gasp! And patronise me with their quietly spoken, unnecessarily sympathetic, questions:

“Did you have to go and buy new clothes”

No. They still fit into newborn clothes- for a whole month too!

“Did you have to bottle feed?”

No. Surprisingly, they didn’t require 4 gallons of breast milk, just the usual amount.

“Is he heavy?”

Well he’s one week old and all ANYONE wants to do is carry him, so I’m guessing not.

Or failing this, they just didn’t bother to hide their astonishment and exclaimed “Isn’t he big?” as if I was carrying an hippopotamus in my sling.

I slowly learnt to reply with “Yes and beautiful and healthy.”

Which they immediately made them back track and fluster out “oh of course that’s what I meant”

Yeah sure it is.

Big? I carry him in my forearm., he can bathe in a hand basin, his sleep suits are made of less material than your tummy-sucking-in knickers, his fingernails are smaller than daisy petals and his whole form is swamped by a car seat you couldn’t fit your arse into. Actually, I think he is quite fucking small.

10 thoughts on “B – Big babies

  1. As a mother of big babies… I completely get this!

  2. I love this! I’m currently 18wks pregnant with number 3. If one more person tells me I’m “too big” or “huge” I will scream. My first baby was 7lb1oz, my second was 8lb 11oz. This one will probably be on the large size too but I’m fine with that. It drives me mad that everyone else seems to think this is something to gasp over. My midwife is happy, I’m happy. People do love to butt in! 🙂

    • You see I consider 7 and 8 lbers to be small! But hey ho! I’m sure you look fab, people are just insensitive and down right rude at times. The whole of my pregnancies were spent saying “no there’s only one in there!” When wgat I really wanted to say was: “I’m pregnant and hormonal and knackered, did your really just call me MASSIVE???” and bop them in the nose!

  3. It didn’t stop there for me, I still get it now he is 20 months – he was born big and has stayed that way but he is healthy and happy!

    • My youngest is 15 months and still a little stocky dude! All 3 of them are actually, they are fine! Happy and healthy and have good diets! It’s our size obsessed society which has the issue, not them.

  4. I get this too. The amount of people who would comment on my bumps. Is it twins etc. I would reply no a healthy 10lber and they’d go pale. My first was 8lb2 at 37w. Second 10lb1 and third a tiny 7lb13 lol. All 3 have remained on 98th febrile for height and older 2 also on 98th for weight. I joke that because they are all boys I have my 3 bodyguards. Unfortunately people always expect more from them because they look older than they are! I enjoy reactions when I have to justify my 3yo not being at school or in a buggy!!!!

    • My hat goes off to you! It’s quite an achievement to make such strong healty boys! Mine are always in the 90’s for weight (not so much for height) in fact my eldest went off the scale when he was just on breastmilk! Which just shows that graphs and expectations are worthless, babies are babies, whatever size, they grow at their own pace.

  5. My first was 6lb 6oz and so because second (a week earlier) was 7lb 8oz, she is constantly described as “big” “bigger” “biggest”!

    Feel the need to defend her as just perfect actually and considering we were all do worried being born before term she might be small, very lucky!!

    • Indeed! I’m sure they are all gorgeous in the own right, size is irrelevant, whether they are dainty or sturdy, they are gorgeous and happy and that is all that matters!

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