Y – Yummy Mummy

 hate the term Yummy Mummy.

In fact, I find it offensive.

I find it offensive if someone uses it about me. Just because I’ve kids doesn’t mean you can judge me on how I look. Yes it’s a compliment, but it’s also like saying “I actually think all Mums look like shit, but you are alright I suppose”

I’ve always looked like this. The baby hasn’t made be better or worse looking, it has just meant some days I don’t have time to apply make-up or do my hair.

I know the days when I do look better though. Not just because I’ve put make up – they are the days when more dads smile at me on the school run than mums. And as much as I think that is wrong, it is true. Sorry.

But what I really hate is when people call themselves a Yummy Mummy.

Really – you’re putting that out there?

But they do… On Twitter, on FB updates, on blogs, on a sodding car sticker “Yummy Mummy on board” – Yes they have made one. And, yes the Yummies are using it.


And they wonder why their cars keep getting scratched?

But imagine this, you are scrolling through people to follow on Twitter and you come across someone called “DishyDad” what do you think?

“What a cock?

Works both ways.

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