Lazy Cupcake icing – knew it was too good to be true!


Look – I totally tried to copy the picture!

I like cake, Who doesn’t? I quite like baking, i mean there’s a lot of perks isn’t there? Licking the bowl, eating half the decorating sweets and you know, generally convincing yourself “tasting” is actually an essential part of the recipe.

So when Dr Oetker’s Easy Swirl Cupcake Icing caught my eye on the supermarket shelf I thought “now that could be handy” and even when I clocked the price at £3.49 I didn’t falter.

I know, it’s quite pricey isn’t it? But for me it’s the icing of the cakes that really lets baking down. And it’s not the ingredients, or making the icing, or even the ensembling, it’s the fact that everything is dirty from making the cake mixture and you have to wash up (by hand as the children won’t wait for the dishwasher) before you even start. And cake mixture is sticky, whisks are intricate, the whole thing just ruins the baking experience for me.

So butter icing in a can? Like squirty cream? That was worth £3.49 right?


It didn’t look nearly as fancy as the picture (see photographic evidence); yes it came with 4 nozzles, but to be fair they all created the same result – sloppy swirls and there was only enough to cover 9 cupcakes!

And I was being stingy with the icing, no where near the mountain you get from the pre-bought ones from the bakery shelf!

I mean at least there should be enough for a standard batch of 12 cakes right? And I actually usually make 18 (don’t ask it’s complicated). So today we had 9 un-iced cupcakes – bad form. Yes i did have icing sugar and butter to hand, but there was no way i was washing up the mixing bowl and mixing whisks – I’d paid £3.49 for the pleasure not to! People were just going to have have them plain.

Thanks for nothing Dr Oetker. i won’t be buying it again!


Disclaimer: I bought this product myself. I was not paid to write this post!

One thought on “Lazy Cupcake icing – knew it was too good to be true!

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