Planning a wedding somewhere between ‘small’ and ‘low key’


Sanders Yard – where we will have our wedding meal!

We did a little wedding planning yesterday. I say planning, but what I really mean is taking the OH and show him what he’d paid for! He liked it, so it’s all good!


Shepherd’s Purse accommodation – Where we are all staying over

And if he hadn’t? Well tough, like I said he’s already paid.

But I knew he would, it was just what we wanted and because we are doing it very cheaply there wasn’t really much pressure! Or another option!

But IF it had cost thousands then I would have been shitting myself!

The thought of all that money on one day just scares me! But that’s probably because we don’t have that sort of money and I know if we were to have a big wedding,I wouldn’t be able to help myself waking up the next morning and thinking “that was good, but it could have put the kids through university”

For a long time I thought I did want a big wedding, I mean I like to show off as much as the next person. But having 3 sons, a small house with a big mortgage and only one income, your priorities shift. And I knew in my heart I didn’t want a wedding, I wanted a marriage. The day itself was just a means to an end.

So why get married at all?

The main reason is for the kids. I hate not having the same name as them. It tears me apart that they are all Lloyds and I am a Pringle. And I’m proud of the fact I have been with their dad 10 years, that we in a happy, loving relationship. I am proud of both our parents who have been married for 35 and 40 years and I would like my kids to see and celebrate that level of commitment. And I can’t wait till I can finally call him my husband, not least because at 33 years old I feel a but daft calling a 40 year old man my boyfriend!

But even though it’s small it’s still a wedding. There will still be invitations, favours and the odd speech. I’ll have a bouquet, he’ll have a best man and we’ll be adorning the usual  wedding attire. But it just won’t have cost the earth, because instead of inviting all and sundry we are just sharing the day with our immediate family and our best friends, 22 of us in all, including the bride and groom! So yes it’s going to small, but it’s also going to be pretty special! For us anyway, just not for the other 78 people who didn’t make the cut. Is “special” quantified by how many people are there, or by WHO is there? For me it’s the latter, as long as I’m there, he’s there and our sons are there anyone after is a bonus and i suppose we are lucky that we both have great families who are able to come too!


The view from the registry office

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