P – Potty Training

There isn’t a parenting blog on the planet that doesn’t include a post on potty training right?Well, I held off as long as I could, but somethings are just inevitable…

But I have done potty training twice now, so that pretty much means I’m an expert right?


Potty training has no levels, no beginning, no end! And there are no experts.

Just parents, children and poo!

It’s just something you’ve got to get through, and then at some point you will find you are in a better place and life is OK again.

The Myths
Whatever you do don’t stop
Bollocks! if isn’t working stop! For the love of God – stop! For your sanity and your child’s well being – stop! Any time you want – just stop!

You’ll know when your child is ready
No you won’t… You’ll agonise over it. Deliberate about it. Beat your self up about it for ages. Then you’ll do it and after a day probably say “I don’t think they were ready”

“You need to stay indoors” As if it isn’t hellish enough, people encourage you to be under house arrest as well? Potties are portable, pull ups are available and you have spare clothes. And what’s the worse that will happen? They”ll poo their kecks and you’ll have to change them… you’ve been doing that since they were born anyway.

The Facts

  • No child is the same.
  • There is no “right” way or “wrong way” just The Way you choose to do it.
  • Nothing can’t be fixed with some baby wipes and a change of clothes. (I also have carried anti-bac spray and roll too!)

Just be prepared that it’ll take longer than you think and there will be accidents. On the upside it’ll probably provide you with some funny stories to tell, you could even write a blog! Like when a perfectly formed poo fell out the bottom of my child’s jogging bottoms whilst we were having coffee in a posh cafe, or when my middle son used his brother’s birthday present as a potty, or when my parent’s dog wolfed the potty contents or how about when the baby pulled the potty from under the toddler mid poo!

What am I saying? Potty training’s not hard it’s hilarious! It’s been a blast!

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